Pokémon fan creates interactive map of Sword and Shield’s Wild Area

We need this,

Screengrab via Reddit

If, like us, you’ve been putting a lot of time in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you might be wondering exactly where you can find rare Gigantamax Pokémon in the many dens of the Wild Area.

Thankfully for fans of the latest Pokémon title, one very talented fan known as preethamrn seems to have been pulling a few all-nighters to create an interactive map to help other fans search for all the information about the game’s Wild Area they could ever need.

The interactive map showcases the many dens and areas of the Wild Area, giving people must-know information about which Pokémon they can find where. Similarly, the map demonstrates where exactly players can find key NPCs and interactive objects like Berry Trees.

The map isn’t available to the public as of yet, but preethamrn seems to be stepping up his game after showcasing a small glimpse of his work on Reddit with many other Redditors coming out to ask him to release the build publicly.

Let’s hope he releases the build soon so we can all benefit from his many hours of work.