Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl reportedly includes National Pokédex, only features original’s 493 Pokémon

This seems to include alternate forms for the Pokémon originally found in Diamond and Pearl.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Pokémon leaks have been in an abundance over the last few days since some players got their hands on the upcoming generation four remakes Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. One of the most recent leaks confirms some theories regarding the games’ Pokédex.

The upcoming remakes will feature the National Pokédex, with all species from 001 to 493 including the Platinum exclusive forms of Rotom and Shaymin, according to dataminer Mattyoukhana_.

This roster of Pokémon was reportedly unearthed from the game prior to the day one update, which is set to bring more than 4GB of additional content. This likely won’t include any changes to the Pokédex, however.

Other leaks have suggested that Fairy Pokémon will be appearing in these remakes, despite not existing at the time of their original release. This means that species like Ralts, Mime Jr, Togekiss, and more will all have the Fairy typing, but the popular fairy-type Eeveelution Syleon will not be appearing in the game.

Right now, the only indication of this Pokédex to be authentic has come from leakers who claim to have secured early copies of the game. Their findings are consistent with speculation and likely will prove to be genuine.

Official details for the game’s Pokédex won’t be revealed until closer to its release on Nov. 19. So until then, new information could come to light contradicting this information. For now, it would pay to take any information with a grain of salt.