Pokémon 25th Anniversary Premium Collection Boxes revealed for Hong Kong and Taiwan

There will be no need to chase the Charizard with these products.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon TCG fans in Hong Kong and Taiwan are getting a set of exclusive premium collectors boxes to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of TCG, and they have some of the most sought-after cards from Celebrations / 25th Anniversary Collection as promo cards. 

As reported by PokeBeach, two unique collections will launch on Nov. 11 with Charizard and Umbreon. These two cards are the most valuable from the 25th Anniversary sets around the globe but for Chinese fans, there won’t be any need for searching.

In the Charizard premium collection box, players will receive the close reprints of Base Set Charizard and Imposter Professor Oak. A Charizard-themed playmat, five 25th Anniversary Collection booster packs, card sleeves, and a card frame will also be included.

Similarly, the Umbreon set includes close reprints of Umbreon Star, Cleffa, and Rocket’s Admin. This box doesn’t include a playmat but rather an Umbreon-themed card box among the other items present in both boxes.

To round out the year, two more boxes will be released on Dec. 17 with 25th Anniversary Collection cards. These are for the Base Set Blastoise and RayquazaM, Xerneas EX, Donphan cards.

Last week, the first 25th Anniversary Premium Collection Boxes launched in China and they included Base Set Venusaur alongside Rocket’s Zapdos, and Gardevoir EX, Groudon, Claydol.

The rest of the promotion cards in the 25th Anniversary Collection can be acquired via blister packs that have already been released, or via select retailers between now and January.