PogoKieng is the first Pokémon Go Worlds Invitational champion

The first PvP event has come to an end.

Image via Niantic

The Pokémon World Championships featured the first official Pokémon Go PvP tournament today and the game’s first champion has been decided.

The Pokémon Go Invitational, hosted by The Pokémon Company, saw a host of internet personalities and superstars from the Pokémon community square off against one another before the VGC, TGC, and Pokkén action begins this weekend. But in the end, PogoKieng became the first official Pokémon Go Invitational champion.

The Pokémon Company went all out to create a list of rules for this tournament that was on par with its main events.

After all of the best-of-five matches ended and the double-elimination tournament came to a close, PogoKieng was the last man standing. He swept his opponent, Poké AK, after initally resetting the bracket.

Here are the final standings for the Pokémon Go Invitational:

  • First: PogoKieng
  • Second: Poké AK
  • Third: Carrymeh
  • Fourth: Strawburry17
  • Fifth-sixth: Shigeki Morimoto
  • Fifth-sixth: Yamada
  • Seventh-eighth: UnlistedLeaf
  • Seventh-eighth: Junichi Masuda

It’s unclear if Pokémon Go has a place in the competitive scene due to its casual nature, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see another invitational return to Worlds next year following the success of this event.