Players are destroying Unrivaled Typhlosion Tera Raids by spamming this Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

Pummel the ghost with a stronger ghost.

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With every raid event that goes live in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the first thing players want to do is find a way to break the boss as quickly as possible. This typically happens within the first day, and the Unrivaled Typhlosion seven-star Tera Raid event is no different. 

With the combined thinking of content creators, Pokémon savants, and casual fans working together, players narrowed down their strategy to either spamming powerful attacks or supporting in a way that limits Typhlosion. 

The most popular strategy by far currently looks to be one that YouTuber HoodlumCallum and his crew of Tera Raid aficionados came up with, using an Annihilape that only needs two moves to win the whole thing. And it is easy to train, too, for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in team building at a post-game level. 

Annihilape only needs Screech and its signature move, Rage Fist, to make this build work, since using Screech will lower Typhlosion’s Defense by two stages for all of your teammates before you start pummeling the Ghost Tera Type with a super effective move. 

Rage Fist is a 50 base power Ghost-type attack that gains an additional 50 base power each time Annihilape gets hit by an attack—capping out at 350 base power. With a devastating Attack stat already included without training and the fact those power boosts don’t reset when Annihilape is knocked out, you can go all out and expect to deal enough damage to win in most instances. 

This is such a good approach, that sometimes you don’t even properly prepare a build. 

Best Annihilape build for the Unrivaled Typhlosion Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Tera Type: Ghost

Ability: Defiant

  • Attack is raised by two stages when the Pokémon has its stats lowered. Doesn’t work on self inflicted stat drops or drops from allies.

Nature: Adamant (+ Attack, – Special Attack)

Held Item: Shell Bell

  • When this item is held, the holder recovers 1/8th of the damage it inflicts on its opponents.

EV spread

  • 172 HP
  • 252 Special Attack
  • 84 Speed


  • Rage Fist
  • Screech/Leer
  • Focus Energy/Bulk Up
    • You don’t really need these, but the option is there. 

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How to get the best Annihilape Tera Raid build in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Callum and his partners in Tera Raid crime tend to make it very simple to get the best build of whatever Pokémon they use to break each raid boss. In this case, Rage Fist and Screech are both level-up moves you will get naturally, and the EV spread can be obtained using the following items. 

  • 17 HP Up and two Health Feathers
  • 26 Proteins
  • Nine Carbos


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