Pika Party game mode and Buzzwole now available in Pokémon UNITE

There are plenty of new additions to Pokémon UNITE today.

Image via The Pokémon Company

While the spotlight may have been on the upcoming Pokémon games Scarlet and Violet, Pokémon Presents also revealed some exciting news for UNITE today with the addition of a new game mode and playable character.

As previously revealed, Buzzwole is live in Pokémon UNITE as of Aug. 3, adding a new all-rounder option for players.

Buzzwole has access to a range of moves including Superpower, Leech Life, and the UNITE move Ultra Swole Slam, among others. If you’re looking to customize the look of this new Pokémon, holowear has been added. You can purchase Tuxedo Style Buzzwole from the store now.

Also available to play now is the brand new game mode, “Pika Party.” As the name suggests, it highlights Pikachu in a way never seen before.

When playing Pika Party, not only will you be playing Pikachu, but your allies and enemies will also controlling the cute yellow mascot. Going even further, all of the wild Pokémon will also be Pikachu, so there is absolutely no shortage of the eclectic-type Pokémon to be seen.

This quick play mode will be available to try out for the next month, ending on Sept. 1. If you plan on getting in on the action, don’t wait too long.

While these are all of the new additions to the game announced during Pokémon Presents, it was revealed that there will be three more playable Pokémon added to the game in September, so fans have plenty to look forward to as the year continues.

Pokémon UNITE is available for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices now.