One Shiny Pokémon is winning hearts across Kitakami after its Scarlet and Violet debut

It might be the cutest Shiny of all time.

Carmine and the player lookin awed at some a glowing monument.
Screenshot via Dot Esports

A ton of new and returning Pokémon were added to Scarlet and Violet through The Teal Mask DLC, but only one unexpected ‘mon is getting all the attention for being one of the franchise’s best Shinies.

Since The Teal Mask DLC released a couple of weeks back, dedicated players have been playing through the story, exploring Kitakami, going on side missions, and Shiny hunting the new Pokémon. A lot of Shiny hunters will share their rare findings with the community, and there’s one pink Shiny Pokémon that’s been popping off online lately—Furret.

Multiple trainers are sharing the most adorable photos of their Shiny Furret on social media today, and we’re totally here for the pink takeover.

If that’s not already cute enough, some players took it a step further and caught their pink Furret in the perfect matching ball—the Love Ball, one of the rarest Poké Balls. Knowing how hard it can be to get ahold of one of those Apricorn Poké Balls, it makes it feel even more special to use it on their precious pink Furret.

While some Shiny hunters were specifically hunting for Furret, others were going for a pink theme for their team of Shinies. Other cool pink Shinies include Oinkologne, Mienshao, and Hatterene, but we still think Furret is the best.

Then there are the Furret enthusiasts, like the dedicated trainer in this Sept. 25 Reddit thread, who has an army of 30 Furret. Not all 30 are Shiny, but there’s at least one pink one among them, and that’s more than enough cuteness to go around.

Interestingly enough, Furret never really stood out as a Pokémon prior to The Teal Mask despite being introduced in Gen II. It has relatively weak stats, and its Normal typing might not make it as exciting as the other Pokémon we’ve seen over the years. But now it finally feels like Furret is being appreciated over two decades after it made its debut.


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