Niantic unveils plans for solstice-themed event and return of Bug Out to Pokémon Go

Two new events are being added to Pokémon Go in June.

Image via Niantic

Niantic is setting up its plans for summer content updates to Pokémon Go by announcing a new event today. There are few details actually available at the moment, however.

Along with an update to when Zekrom will be joining raids and the return of the Bug Out event, the developers are working on a new event themed around the summer solstice.

There isn’t an official name available yet for the new solstice event, but we do know that it’ll be held from June 19 to 24. This means it’ll run right over the actual summer solstice on June 20, with more details to come closer to the actual dates. 

Bug Out is a more known quantity since it’s a returning event that ran last year and will focus on Bug-type Pokémon with Special Field Research running alongside it. This event will run from June 26 to July 1, but it’s unclear if it’ll be based on Incense usage again or if Niantic is going to change things up. 

Outside of these events, Niantic is adding Zekrom to raids for the first time on June 16 once Reshiram leaves. And for trainers who have completed the Throwback Challenge 2020: Timed Research or purchased the Special Research Ticket, they can participate in the Throwback Challenge Champion 2020 Special Research that goes live on June 3. 

More details about all of the June Pokémon Go events will be made available in the coming weeks, starting with the unnamed solstice event.