Niantic is trying to lure Pokémon Go boycotters back with mysterious gifts

This ain't helping, Niantic.

Image via Niantic

If you are one among the many Pokémon Go trainers who signed up for the Hear Us Niantic movement and boycotted the handheld title following the controversial Remote Raid update, Niantic may have sent out an automated “Miss You” email featuring redeemable goodies to you with a motive to win you over.

Unfortunately for the Pokémon Go creator, most recipients have deemed the new May rewards initiative thoughtless and a form of bribery.

Multiple Pokémon players shared their repulsion for Niantic on Reddit on May 2, with many furious about how the company isn’t considering paying heed to their requests but is still trying to lure them back into playing the game.

On the same day, another trainer named RebelSpeed made it clear on their popular Reddit post that Niantic isn’t going to get away with a gift code and should “try harder.”

While this may feel a lot like bribery, Niantic’s Miss You email is an automated move, which is triggered when account trackers sense a certain period of inactivity or an uninstallation. Players also revealed Niantic isn’t giving out anything special through those codes, suggesting the company may just be carrying out its usual tactic for player inactivity.

It’s worth noting players can redeem their promo codes without having to open Pokémon Go. To do so, open Niantic’s Rewards page, sign into your Niantic account, and enter the code. This is great for those who want to keep sending a message to Niantic but don’t want to miss out on the free goodies if they do eventually return.

On March 30, Niantic revealed the pricing of Remote Raid Passes will see an increase and a restriction on a player’s Remote Raid participation will be added. The changes, which went into effect on April 6, were designed to “rebalance the game and ensure it’s enjoyed by Trainers for years to come.”

Naturally, players are not happy with the update, which reportedly even caused a sharp decline in the game’s player activity since it went live, as spotted by Pokebattler.

Trainers also came up with a petition to urge Niantic to reverse the changes, highlighting all the limitations the update imposes on the fandom.

Despite the major blow Pokémon GO’s player base received after the Remote Raid Pass update went live, it’s unlikely that Niantic will reverse the changes. Considering the hate Niantic is receiving, however, the Pokémon Go developer must consider paying attention to what the fans have to say, for once.

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