Niantic expands Pokémon storage to 3,500 in Pokémon Go

And the comment section rejoiced.

Image via Niantic

Players can finally stop begging Niantic to expand the Pokémon storage in Pokémon Go. The developer upped the number today for the first time since November 2019. 

Trainers can now store 3,500 Pokémon, up from the previous 3,000, without needing to transfer Pokémon to make more room to continue catching and adding encounters to their collection. 

For the last several months, Niantic and other Pokémon Go-related social media accounts have been bombarded by players asking for more storage space so they don’t need to clear out their event and shiny Pokémon. Things like Summer Pikachu, shiny forms, and other event Pokémon can stack up quickly for people who like collecting all of the available forms and evolutions. 

Storage is especially important around Pokémon Go Fest because so many special variations of other Pokémon and different events require a lot of spots. This is also a big deal because the Ultra Unlock challenge for Go Fest 2020 could allow players to capture rare, shiny, and Legendary Pokémon in August. 

You can upgrade your storage through the in-game store, with most Expansion Slots costing around 200 PokéCoins (roughly $2) for 50 extra slots.