Niantic activates 25 percent hatch distance in Pokémon Go to compensate for Adventure Sync bug

Niantic is trying to make up for another bug.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go players aren’t strangers to encountering big bugs when using the app, and Adventure Sync was the most recent feature to suffer from one of Niantic’s infamous oversights. 

As a result of players dealing with Adventure Sync being broken for almost a month, Niantic has activated a 25 percent hatch distance on all Eggs through Nov. 13 as compensation. 

Adventure Sync is an optional mode that Niantic added to Pokémon Go that allows players to record their distance traveled even when the app isn’t open. This translates to earning Buddy Candy or hatching Eggs without needing to drain your device’s battery by keeping the game open. 

You can also earn bonus items for reaching weekly goals set inside of Adventure Sync, including a special pool of Eggs exclusive to Adventure Sync rewards. 

Over the last month, however, players have reported the game wasn’t counting steps taken while the app was closed in the 0.189 version of Pokémon Go, mostly on Android devices. The bug essentially made Adventure Sync useless on Android 9 and lower devices until a recent update. 

In response, Niantic has made it so Egg Incubators will be hatching eggs in 25 percent of the time they would normally take to hatch until Nov. 13.