The latest Pokémon Sword and Shield trailer showcases new items and abilities

This was a big info dump.

Image via Nintendo

A new Pokémon Sword and Shield trailer was released today at the Pokémon World Championships, introducing a ton of information about the battling component of the games.

Two new abilities that are coming to the game were revealed. Galarian Weezing’s Neutralize ability negates every ability on the field for every Pokémon. Corviknight’s ability, Mirror Armor, reflects any stat change effects back to the Pokémon that cast the move.

A few new items were also revealed that can change the course of any battle through their unique effects. Room Series, for example, lowers the speed stat during a trick room and Eject Pack causes a Pokémon to switch out if its stats are lowered.

We also saw the reveal of a new attack called Breaking Swipe, which lowers the attack of all opponents that it hits. The Pokémon Company revealed that a Dynamax Pokémon shrugs off moves that cause flinch, too.

There was a lot of information to take in from this trailer and trainers will need to learn what all of the new stuff does, especially since The Pokémon Company confirmed that Sword and Shield will be the competitive game for the 2020 season.