New Pokémon OCG trainer collections launching August 20 including Nessa, Bea, Leon, and Raihan

They'll include autographed promos.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Pokémon OCG collectors will have the opportunity to score some unique trainer cards with a second set of trainer collections launching in Japan on August 20.

These new collection boxes are themed after Leon, Nessa, Bea, and Raihan and include an autographed alternate art promo of their corresponding trainer, according to a post on Pokémon forum Pokébeach. These four boxes will include a single booster from the five most recent OCG sets, Sky Stream, Towering Perfection, Eevee Heroes, Silver Lance, and Jet Black Spirit.

Image via Pokébeach

These items will also have four pocked card binders that can hold up to 80 cards with artwork of their corresponding trainer.

These newly introduced collection boxes will sell for 1,980 yen (around $18 USD) and will be available at Pokémon Center stores as well as online.

This is the second set of autographed trainer collections that the Pokémon Company has released. Previously, similar products were launched for Hop, Bede, and Marnie. Of these, only Marnie has been translated for release in the west. so TCG fans looking to score these autographed promos might not have the option to collect them all.

While the wait for these promos may be a short while, Pokémon OCG just launched the Sky Stream and Towering Perfection dual set which included some alternative art secret rare variants of beloved trainers including Raikan and Zinnia.