New Pokémon Go update adds updates to team previews, in-battle switching, and more

These are some quality-of-life changes that will make frequent players happy.

Image via Niantic

The 0.191 Update for Pokémon Go is rolling out for users around the world, and with it come some changes that fix a lot of the little things players wanted to be improved in the game. 

For instance, instead of using the older switch menu during battles now, players will see two buttons on the right side of the screen showcasing their other party members they can simply click to initiate a swap. 

Obviously, cooldowns will still apply to this new method of swapping out Pokémon, but it is much easier than the older method and should lead to more split-second decision making in the heat of battles. Players can also now preview their team’s moves by selecting a Pokémon and holding down on it in the party selection screen. 

Outside of battle, players will also be able to jump to specific Pokémon’s Pokédex entries right from their detail page. And while browsing the Pokédex you can now see how many Pokémon of a species you have captured by using a new button under their Pokédex entries. 

Another nice change for players who battle a lot is that any team you save as a Battle Party on Pokémon Go will soon be saved to your Niantic account instead of your device. This means if you uninstall and reinstall the game on your phone or a new device, it will carry those over, too. 

You can learn more about the smaller changes and bug fixes that are included in the 0.191 Update over on the official Pokémon Go blog.