New gameplay gimmicks, Pokémon, and forms seemingly revealed by Scarlet and Violet leaks

Players could have a lot on their plates if these details end up being true.

Screensgrab via The Pokemon Company

Rumors tend to flood the internet in waves, and a third wave of consecutive Pokémon Scarlet and Violet leaks has concluded, giving players even more information about what kind of content will be included in the upcoming games. 

Among the newest selection of leaks, we finally got at least some information on what the ninth generation’s region could end up being called—”Paldea,” or what some are seeing as a mixture of Pokémon the Spanish word for village, Aldea. 

One of the core elements of this wave of leaks was the inclusion of more cross-generation evolutions and regional forms, along with some information pointing to multiple new gimmicks including something similar to Crystal Pokémon and an unknown feature being referred to as “RFakes.”

Starting with the crystalization gimmick, it will be the main addition for SV and will be something all Pokémon can seemingly use. Important NPCs will apparently be using it in the game, just like Z Moves and Mega Evolution, as all you need to do to activate it and crystalize your Pokémon is use a “ball-like” item given to you by Namona at some point during the game. 

Details about how this will impact battles or be used as a feature outside of it are still unknown, but the leaker has also confirmed Mega Evolution will not be returning, so this crystal mechanic is likely just going to replace all of the previous in-battle system gimmicks from the past while also playing a role in the game’s story, which is apparently really good, according to the same sources.

Also, players can at least stop worrying about the potential for a third-type being added to certain Pokémon. These leaks debunk that, though it could still end up happening in the final game. 

As for the other mechanic we do have information on, from leaks and not official sources, some Pokémon will reportedly have new forms that are not the standard regional variants that have been introduced in games since Sun and Moon. Two such Pokémon were shown and listed under this category by the leaker—Amoonguss and Wigglytuff, though the image shared is a vampire-esque Jigglypuff

Additionally, a potential third gimmick the community has labeled ‘RFakes’ will seemingly be in play too, though the only information about them is they could play a role similar to Ultra Beasts in the game. Speculations point to these being man-made Pokémon resembling existing creatures, with one of the box art Legendaries, Miraidon potentially being an RFake of Koraidon, though this was not shared directly by leakers, who have warned this element contains potential plot spoilers. 

That Amoonguss and Wigglytuff could end up being RFakes and not whatever the new type of form is, or the gimmicks could simply be part of the same concept. We won’t know for sure until the game officially releases.

There were a number of other leaks shared throughout the day, and here is a wrap of the main topics, including more new Pokémon, forms, evolutions, and which Pokémon have been “confirmed” to be featured or excluded from the game. 

  • New cross-gen evolutions for Dunsparce and Murkrow (along with the previously shown Girafarig)
  • New Pokémon based on a Dolphin and Flamingo
  • No new Fossil Pokémon 
  • Not every Hisuian Pokémon will be included in the game
  • The starters for SV are the only starters featured in the game
    • At least in during the main game
  • There is a connected set of four Legendary Pokémon
    • Similar to Kanto’s Birds or Johto’s Beasts
  • Regional Pokédex will feature more than 400 Pokémon
  • In the game: Skwovet, Rotom, Goodra, Sunflora, Komala, Teddiursa, Misdreavous, Houndour, and Weezing
  • Not in the game: Lugia, Ho-Oh, Fufrou, Minior, Aipom, and Toucannon
  • There could be two Champions, one for each game with different genders or appearances

Just like with any game, all of this information has been provided by leakers or rumors being spread alongside them. Even though some of the sources have a history of being accurate, all of these details should be taken very lightly until the games are released in November or Game Freak reveals more about them through new trailers.