New cards from Pokémon OCG ‘Start Deck 100’ revealed

The range of decks will launch next Friday.

Images via The Pokémon Company

More new cards from the upcoming range of ready-to-play Pokémon OCG decks ‘Start Deck 100’ have been showcased.

In a post by PokeBeach, a pair of previously unreleased cards were revealed, including Granbull V and Aggron VMAX.

This pair of cards is the latest to be shown from the upcoming release that will see collectors purchase a box containing a randomly selected deck from a pool of 100, each with a mix of old and new cards.

Since the start of the month, we’ve seen other new additions revealed. Those include Entei and Raikou V, Drampa V, Haxorus, and Team Yell’s Cheer. If you’re looking to collect cards from Start Deck 100 and wondering what each deck contains, The Pokémon Company have been slowly revealing additions to decks on their official website.

Start Deck 100 will launch on Dec. 17 in Japan. Nothing has been shared of a release in the west for this range of starter decks or the new cards that appear within, however, it’s likely the new cards will find their way into future Pokémon TCG sets.

If you’re outside of Japan and want to collect these decks then you’ll need to check online retailers or the resale market to get your hands on them.

As we get closer to the release date more of Start Deck 100 next Friday, more cards will be revealed so stay posted for future additions.