More Sword and Shield leaks show off new elephant and fox Pokémon

The leaks have begun, introducing new potential Pokémon.

Editor’s Note: The leaked images that were previously featured in this article have been removed due to a Digital Millenium Copyright Act claim from The Pokémon Company International, Inc. (“TPCi”).

At least three new designs for previously-unrevealed Pokémon from Sword and Shield have been leaked. These include new Pokémon based on an elephant, fox, and a strange pink creature that might share some similarities to a dinosaur. 

The first new Pokémon is a small red fox with a rather sad outlook on its overall design. It looks as if it might be a Fire or Ground-type Pokémon based on its color pattern, but there’s no information that we can confirm about it as of the first leak. 

The leak also revealed the Pokémon’s second stage evolution where it grows into a much leaner and overall more intimidating fox. It keeps the same sad look on its eyes, but it’s a much more impressive form—and it might have a mustache on its snout. 

A small elephant that has a yellow and blue design was also leaked. This makes the Pokémon look like a living teacup, which is also backed up by the hat it seems to be wearing on its head. There’s a chance that this could be a Galarian form for Phanpy, but considering the gap between Elephantidae Pokémon, this is probably a completely new creature. 

And rounding out this batch of leaks is a small purple creature that doesn’t really have a design that can be linked back to a specific creature. Many parts of its body seem to have aspects taken from that of a dinosaur, but the Electric and Poison typing doesn’t give much else away.

None of these designs have been confirmed by Nintendo or Game Freak, but the models and backgrounds they appear on—especially the elephant—suggest that the information could be accurate.

There are many other leaks dropping right now, which means if you want to keep your experience with Pokémon Sword and Shield completely unspoiled when it launches on Nov. 15, you should avoid Twitter and Reddit.