More Pokémon confirmed for Sword and Shield through new Dynamax Camera feature

The Pokédex grows.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Additional Pokémon from previous generations are set to join Sword and Shield, according to a new feature on the Pokémon website.

The Dynamax Camera feature allows fans to upload photos to their smartphones and add Dynamax-variant Pokémon to the background.

Some of these new Pokémon include Aegislash, Ribombee, and all of their previous evolutions. Serebii has a complete list of all of the Pokémon that have been shown off through the Dynamax Camera so far.

Dynamaxing is a new feature in Sword and Shield that allows you to turn your favorite Pokémon into gigantic Godzilla-like beasts. The smartphone app is just a free way for fans to hype themselves up ahead of the game’s release.

Pokémon Sword and Shield will become available worldwide on Nov. 15.