Mega Venusaur to leave Pokémon Go Mega Raids on Oct. 23, Niantic to add new way to earn Mega Energy

One big plant is headed out the door soon.

Image via Niantic

It took some time, but Mega Raids are finally going to be waving goodbye to Mega Venusaur on Oct. 23 when the Halloween event begins in Pokémon Go

This will limit how players can get Mega Energy to obtain Mega Venusaur. But Niantic is supplementing that with a few changes to how Mega Energy is collected moving forward.

Starting in November, Mega Energy can be earned by walking with your Buddy Pokémon if you have a Pokémon capable of Mega Evolution unlocked from that Pokémon’s evolutionary line. You can also earn bonus Candy if you have an active Mega Pokémon and capture any Pokémon that’s the same type as that Mega. 

You’ll even earn additional Candies when catching a Raid Boss, regardless of its type. The update will allow you to see trainers on your friends list who have a Mega Evolved Pokémon as well.

Once Mega Venusaur is removed from the Mega Raid rotation, you’ll also be able to earn Venusaur Mega Energy from Field Research and an unnamed event in November. That unnamed and unrevealed event will reportedly have Timed Research that will award Mega Energy.

Niantic also promises that it’ll continue to provide other ways for players to earn Venusaur Mega Energy in the future. And, until Oct. 23, Mega Venusaur will be appearing more frequently in Mega Raids.

More details about that new event will be shared closer to November. Mega Gengar will be available during the Halloween event from Oct. 23 to Nov. 3—and it might even remain in the raid pool once the event ends.