Latest Pokémon Go TCG expansion commercial unveils new cards: Professor Willow, Slowpoke, and more

This info comes from a new Japanese commercial for the upcoming TCG expansion.

Image via The Pokemon Company | Remixed by Cale Michael

More cards that are part of the collaboration pack between the Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon Go were revealed in a new commercial for the mobile game today following yesterday’s post by The Pokémon Company about the latest TCG expansion.

The commercial is in Japanese, and as pointed out by Pokémon TCG fansite PokéBeach, some of the cards seen in the commercial include the full art version of Professor’s Research: Professor Willow, Rare Candy, Spinarak, and Slowpoke. The site also noted the secret rare list for the Japanese set, which will include full art cards like Dragonite V, Mewtwo VSTAR, Melmetal VMAX, and more.

The cards revealed in the commercial follow the first set of cards unveiled yesterday through The Pokémon Company’s post about the Pokémon TCG: Pokémon Go Expansion, such as Pikachu wearing a blue hat, Mewtwo V, Wimpod and its evolution Golisopod; the evolution trees of Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise, and their Radiant versions, the Shiny Pokémon counterpart from Pokémon Go.

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All the TCG products included in the Pokémon TCG: Pokémon Go Expansion will be released June 17 in Japan and July 1 in the U.S. This includes a collection, a special collection, premium collection, V Battle Decks (including bundle version), tin, Elite Trainer Box, Poké Ball tin, premier deck holder collection, and pin sets. All of these will have corresponding codes you can use in Pokémon Go to claim free items like special avatars.

There will also be crossover events happening in Pokémon Go. You can check out the official announcement by The Pokémon Company about the collaboration to know more.