Landorus will be joining Pokémon Go as a Battle League reward encounter

Time to chase down the last genie.

Image via Niantic

Unlike previous Mythical Pokémon, Landorus will be added to Pokémon Go as a Battle League reward encounter along with the typical raid battles. 

The Abundance Pokémon is a powerful Ground/Flying-type that will provide any team with a heavy hitter boasting some insane stats. 

Tornadus and Thunduros were already added to the game through five-star raid events, but players will have multiple chances to get Landorus through the Go Battle League and normal raids. Starting March 31 at 3pm CT until April 21 at 3pm CT, Landuros will be available as a rare reward encounter once players reach rank four in the Battle League. 

Rank four is essentially the beginning of the actual competitive play in the Battle League because that’s when the game starts scaling your rank based on wins and not just battles played. So to get to rank five and earn more rewards, you’ll need to win battles rather than just compete in them. 

Each time you rank up, you’ll have a chance to encounter various Pokémon. That means you’ll want to climb all the way to rank 10 if you want the best chance at encountering Landorus when battling. 

On the other hand, you could always just look for a five-star raid and try to take it down with some friends. But that might be a little harder to do since fewer players are out competing in raids during the coronavirus pandemic, which is part of the reason this addition was made.

Catching the Mythical Guardian of the Fields in the Battle League might end up being your best chance at getting it. Prepare your team to climb the ranks when Landorus is added as a reward on March 31.