Jessie and James return to Pokémon Go for a special Shiny Celebi movie event

Get ready to find the Secrets of the Jungle.

Image via Niantic

As many predicted in a previous update, a special crossover event with the newest Pokémon film, Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle is coming to Pokémon Go later this month. 

Starting on Dec. 14, players will encounter Jessie and James in Pokémon Go once more as you try to complete limited-time Special Research that will reward you with a Shiny Celebi encounter. 

Along with Shiny Celebi and the Special Research, other in-game content inspired by the new movie will be added too. This includes new avatar items, Explorer Pikachu, Shiny Rufflet, and more will also become available. 

As part of the Special Research story, players will work together with the Team Rocket duo as they help guide you through the mysterious events that have brought Shiny Celebi to Pokémon Go. They will also be appearing in their Meowth Balloon on the overworld again for a limited-time and are carrying new Shadow Pokémon for players to save. 

From Dec. 14 to 17, players will encounter Pokémon connected to the Secrets of the Jungle film more frequently, including the addition of Durant to the game and Shiny Rufflet becoming available to capture. Jessie and James will appear in their Meowth Balloon with those new Shadow Pokémon from 8am to 10pm local time on Dec. 25, so have fun sending them blasting off while you celebrate the holidays. 

The special Explorer Pikachu is actually going to be part of its own event running from Dec. 14 to 21. Shiny Explorer Pikachu will also be available, alongside a special Spotlight Hour on Dec. 15, where you will find the special Electric-type more frequently and earn double capture Candy. 

If you take a snapshot during that portion of the event, you might even see Jessie and James appear in the picture.

More details about the event will be shared closer to when it begins on Dec. 14.