How to surrender in Pokémon UNITE

Some matches aren't going to go your way.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon UNITE is a fast-paced MOBA that’s meant to have players getting in and out of matches quickly. It’s perfect for playing a few rounds between other things in your schedule or getting in a ton of games with friends in one long sitting. 

But there are some games where you’ll have an AFK teammate or a new player who doesn’t quite understand how to stay out of danger, which can lead to some serious disadvantages early in a round. If this happens to you or your team, TiMi Studio did add a surrender feature to the game. 

Before even thinking about using the surrender option, you should first make sure that your team is absolutely out of contention. UNITE is a game of runs, which means you can typically make a comeback in the final stretch even if you are down big—especially with Zapdos as an in-game mechanic.

But if the game is clearly over and your teammates have already started dancing in spawn just to avoid being killed or disconnected, here’s how you can surrender. 

Players can only call for a surrender after five minutes of game time, but you can access it by bringing up the scoreboard with the X Button, or touch controls on mobile. From there, simply hit the corresponding buttons to open your Settings and there will be an option to surrender.

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Each player can only call for a surrender three times.

Each time a vote fails, there will be a 40-second cooldown before you can try again. If the majority of your team votes yes, the game will end after a brief delay and you’ll be awarded the loss.

This means you need four players to vote in favor of surrender in a game where every player is still active on your team. However, if a player has disconnected, they won’t get a vote and the number will decrease to compensate and make it easier to pass and get out of the game.

There isn’t any serious penalty for surrendering on its own, but it will count as a full loss and be treated as such when factoring into ranked results or reward payouts.