How to reach Rank 8, 9, and 10 in the Pokémon Go Battle League

Wins only matter up to a certain point.

Image via Niantic

The Pokémon Go Battle League is still a work in progress for Pokémon Go, but you can still participate in battles and rank up while the pre-season is going on. Niantic is working out all of the additional kinks for a full release. 

Each rank in the Go Battle League works as a sort of benchmark for your performance against other players and will subsequently match you with better players and give you better rewards as you continue to climb the ladder. 

But once you reach rank seven, there’s a bit of a hard cap that players will need to breakthrough to move on into rank eight and higher. This isn’t something that is difficult to do since it basically just requires you to keep battling and winning matches, which you should be pretty good at if you make it to rank eight before season one starts.

Here are the current requirements for each rank that is currently available. 

Rank 1Starting Rank
Rank 2Compete in five matches
Rank 3Compete in 10 matches
Rank 4 Compete in 15 matches
Rank 5Five matches won (after playing the first 15)
Rank 610 additional matches won
Rank 715 additional matches won
Rank 8Battle rating of at least 2,500
Rank 9 Battle rating of at least 3,000
Rank 10Battle rating of at least 3,500

Niantic essentially breaks the ladder down into four tiers.

  • Ranks one to three you can reach by simply competing
  • Ranks four to six you need to win additional matches, but losses do not count against you
  • Ranks seven to nine you can see your Battle Rating number and you will need to win to increase your rank
    • Losses don’t lower your rank, but you’ll need to maintain a relatively high win-loss ratio to increase it.
  • Rank 10 is the highest attainable rank, and you will only improve your battle rating by winning

There’s no detailed breakdown of what the battle rating number is built on, but according to a player-run study, it’s based on a mixture of initial ratings that are formed by your badge values, which you can see in the Go Battle League menu, and is influenced by wins and losses. The current system seems to heavily favor players who play the game more and are not based on anything skill-wise at the start.

Until then, have fun grinding to rank 10 so you can get the best rewards as you prepare for season one of the Pokémon Go Battle League to launch soon.