How to heal and revive Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Be sure to keep your Pokémon healthy as you travel through Hisui.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon Legends: Arceus introduces new mechanics into the series that alters how players go about catching and battling Pokémon, such as the Strong and Agile Styles. Yet at the heart of the game, many of these mechanics hold true to past entries in the series, including how to go about healing and reviving Pokémon that have been worn down in battle.

While Pokémon Centers have yet to be invented in the Hisui region, base camps are readily available in the region’s various landscapes that players can utilize for the purpose of healing their Pokémon. When accessing one of the many base camps that can be encountered while exploring the region and undertaking various missions, players must speak to the attendant stationed at the gate for their Pokémon—and themselves—to be fully restored, free of charge. These base camps will also be the locations players wake up if they lose all of their health.

Screengrab via Nintendo/The Pokémon Company

Like previous entries to the series, there are a multitude of items that players can use to heal their Pokémon. Potions and Revives can be crafted at workbenches using materials harvested from around Hisui, then can be used on Pokémon to restore their health and bring them back from fainting, respectively. These items are also awarded for the completion of missions and lost satchels from other players scattered around the region.

Due to the expanse of the Hisui region, it is best to stock up on these items when available, as base camps may be spread out far apart from one another. These trusted items have been staples in the series for over 25 years, and once more could be the difference between progression and failure in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.