How to get the Gigantamax-capable Meowth in Pokémon Sword and Shield


Image via Nintendo

Anyone willing to purchase Pokémon Sword and Shield in the first few months of its release might be in for a very tall feline-like surprise.

If you purchase either game early, you’ll be entitled to a special Meowth to add to your team. Unlike the Galarian Meowth that’s in the game, this one is the original from the Kanto region and even comes with a special Gigantamax form when used in battle.

The Meowth will know the Signature Move: G-Max Gold Rush, which inflicts both damage and confusion and also greatly increases the prize money received from battle. No other Pokémon will be able to learn this move.

The creature is only available for those who buy the game between Nov. 15 and Jan. 15, however. All you need to do is access the game’s Mystery Gift feature to download it before time is up.

To access the Mystery Gift, just follow these steps:

  • Step one: Make sure you have started the game already and received your starter Pokémon.
  • Step two: After saving the game, select the “Mystery Gift” option in the game’s main menu and chose the “Get via Internet Option”
  • Step three: Wait for the game to discover the Mystery Gifts that are available. The game will then automatically download them to your current save file.

After you perform all of these actions, the Meowth will be sent directly to your Pokémon box. So just take it out and add it to your team to begin using it.