How to get Clone Pikachu in Pokémon Go

It's here for a limited time only.

Screengrab via Niantic

As part of a special Pokémon Day celebration beginning today, Clone Pokémon have been added to Pokémon Go for trainers to find and capture until March 2.

In addition to Clone Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise appearing in four-star raids, a special Pikachu has found its way into the game’s code.

That’s right. Clone Pikachu is here for a limited time.

Clone Pikachu looks a lot like a normal Pikachu aside from his black spiked ear tips. This version of the Pokémon mascot can only be found in one place, though.

To get him, trainers will need to open the game’s camera and take pictures from time to time. The only way the Pikachu will appear is through a photobomb. You’ll have to hope that luck is on your side and pray that he’ll appear in one of your photos to have a chance to capture him.

If you do get a photobomb, you’ll then need to capture the Pikachu with a spare Poké Ball before he runs away to add him to your collection. Just be sure to use that #GOsnapshot tag to increase your chances of finding this rare Pokémon.