How to get and use Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon Go

Remote Raids are very simple to participate in.

Image via Niantic

In a response to the global pandemic in 2020, Remote Raids were made available in Pokémon Go, which meant players who weren’t able to raid while playing from home could now get back into the action.

They’ve become a mainstay ever since and a big favorite for players everywhere. The only thing you need to join a raid without being there in person is an item called the Remote Raid Pass. 

Each Remote Raid Pass costs 100 PokéCoins or 250 PokéCoins for a bundle of three. A trainer can only hold a maximum of three Remote Raid Passes at a time regardless of how they’re obtained, but you must be level five or over to use them. 

Occasionally in the shop, a Remote Raid Pass bundle will give trainers three Remote Raid Passes for one PokéCoin, but it’s only available every so often. Make sure to check the shop for these special offers.

To enter a remote raid, a player must either see a raid on their Nearby menu or have a Pokémon located inside of the gym where a raid is taking place. The distance limit is four kilometers for the latter option. 

Once you click on the raid icon in the Nearby menu, the game will ask for confirmation that you would like to use your Remote Raid Pass, similarly to a normal Raid Pass, and then you will be given access. You will be able to see how many players are in the lobby before using your pass, which will help you gauge if the raid is doable.

All raids you complete with a Remote Raid Pass will count toward any raid-related research tasks or achievement medals.

Remote Raid Passes are sometimes made available as rewards for completing research tasks or challenges, too, so be sure to check and keep up with your daily and special event challenges to earn them when available.

You can also earn PokéCoins by having your Pokémon defend gyms anywhere. Up to 50 PokéCoins can be earned per day by doing this, which means you’ll be halfway to being able to purchase another Remote Raid Pass.