How to feed Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

There are plenty of uses for throwing your food.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Interacting with Pokémon in the overworld is one of the biggest new features that make up Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ core gameplay loop. This also means there are plenty of different ways to get a Pokémon’s attention while exploring, whether to help catch or distract them. 

Outside of battling or just throwing a Poké Ball, the simplest way to interact with a wild Pokémon is by feeding it. 

In Legends: Arceus, you can use basically any item that looks like food or an ingredient, such as an Oran Berry or Hearty Grains, as a distraction for a wild Pokémon. This is done by throwing it in the same way you would throw a Poké Ball. 

If you have a viable item, simply use the X Button to ensure you are ready to toss from your satchel and use the L or R Button to rotate to the item you want to throw. If you get a Berry or something food-related close enough to a Pokémon, the creature will approach it and begin eating the item. 

Each Pokémon has its own preferred foods, and if you don’t use one of these types, the Pokémon will likely ignore your item or focus on where it was thrown from instead. Be careful, especially when trying to feed an Alpha Pokémon to distract it. 

When a Pokémon is eating, it is not only easier to catch it, but you can use the fact your target is focusing on food to sneak by and reposition, either for a better Poké Ball throw or so you can book it out of danger. 

You can also use raw ingredients to craft bait from recipes you collect throughout the game, with items like the Hometown Muffin and Honey Cakes being particularly effective on certain species.