How to complete all Pokémon Go Fest: Seattle 2022 Collection Challenges

Habitats won't matter for long.

Screengrab via Niantic

At Pokémon Go Fest: Seattle, players are encountering several Pokémon they might not encounter anywhere else while adventuring around the city, Seattle Center Park, and a handful of digital habitats that rotate throughout the event. 

In each of those habitats, players can encounter specific Pokémon that match the overall theme: Dreamy Mindscape, Electric Garden, The Oasis, and Cloud Sanctuary. 

Throughout the event, which runs from July 22 to 24, players will use those habitat spawns and the eventual removal of limitations to finish a handful of Collection Challenges. Anyone playing from home will also have a Collection Challenge tie-in with Go Fest: Seattle, along with the Global Challenge tied to the upcoming Hisuian Festivities event.

For anyone looking to complete every challenge during Go Fest: Seattle, here are all of the Collection Challenges and the Pokémon you need to encounter for each. 

All Pokémon Go Fest: Seattle Collection Challenges

Dreamy Mindscape

  • Catch a Krabby
  • Catch a Staryu
  • Catch a Lapras
  • Catch a Qwilfish
  • Catch a Mantine
  • Catch a Numel
  • Catch a Gible
  • Catch a Panpour

Total Rewards: 2,022 Stardust, Gible encounter, and one Incense

Electric Garden

  • Catch an Alolan Grimer
  • Catch a Spinarak
  • Catch an Electrike
  • Catch a Lileep
  • Catch a Combee
  • Catch a Blitzle
  • Catch a Skorupi
  • Catch a Foongus

Total Rewards: 2,022 Stardust, Combee encounter, and one Incense

The Oasis

  • Catch a Poliwag
  • Catch a Drowzee
  • Catch a Jynx
  • Catch a Snorlax
  • Catch a Sableye
  • Catch a Lunatone
  • Catch a Yamask
  • Catch a Litwick

Total Rewards: 2,022 Stardust, Litwick encounter, and one Incense

Cloud Sanctuary

  • Catch an Alolan Vulpix
  • Catch a Togetic
  • Catch a Skarmory
  • Catch a Swablu
  • Catch a Pansage
  • Catch a Pansear
  • Catch a Cottonee
  • Catch a Rufflet

Total Rewards: 2,022 Stardust, Rufflet encounter, and one Incense

The Oasis (Tie-in)

  • Catch a Slowpoke
  • Catch a Krabby
  • Catch a Staryu
  • Catch a Qwilfish
  • Catch a Mantine
  • Catch a Clamperl

Total Rewards: 2,022 Stardust, Panpour encounter, and two Pinap Berries