How to catch Shadow Stunky and Shadow Snover in Pokémon Go

Blast off, Team GO Rocket.

Image via Niantic

The new Sinnoh Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go is here and curious trainers might notice the presence of two Shadow Pokémon: Stunky and Snover.

These Shadow Pokémon are only available for capture after beating the nefarious Team GO Rocket. Thankfully, you’ll only need to search out the grunts for these events. They can be found in invaded PokéStops or floating high above you in a signature hot air balloon.

The Team GO Rocket PokéStops have a hidden timer of 30 minutes before they’re converted back to normal, so be on the lookout for the sleek black stations before they disappear.

For Stunky, you’ll need to find a female Team Rocket Grunt that specializes in Dark-type Pokémon, spouting these wise words: “Wherever there is light, there is also a shadow.”

For Snover, the male Team Rocket Grunt is proficient in the Ice-type and will say “You’re gonna be frozen in your tracks.”

Once you find these criminals and give them a good beating, their associated Pokémon should become available for you to capture and help mark off your Sinnoh Collection Challenge checklist.