How Mystery Gifting works in Pokémon Home

Time to get to work.

Image via Nintendo

Pokémon Home, like other Pokémon games, gives trainers the chance to acquire unique and rare Pokémon through Mystery Gifts.

Unlike other games in the series, however, Home makes you work to find and unlock those gifts through challenges and accomplishments, which makes it difficult to find out what you need to do.

There are a handful of Mystery Gifts available right now and the folks at Serebii are constantly finding more of them. You can get an Eevee the first time a Pokémon is taken from your Wonder Box, a Rotom for your first GTS trade, and a Pichu for completing a challenge.

More can also be added, but be sure to claim them from the Mystery Gift feature within a month or they’ll cease to exist.

If The Pokémon Company hosts any events for Pokémon Home, there’s even an option to search the local area for them. Fans should expect to see something like this at the World Championship, for example.