How does Daily Adventure Incense work in Pokémon Go?

A simple feature with some interesting, and potentially Legendary, applications.

Screengrab via Niantic

Daily Adventure Incense is an additional way Niantic is expanding Pokémon Go’s Incense offerings, giving players free daily Incense that is capable of spawning rare Pokémon that might not pop up normally. 

At its core, Daily Adventure Incense works exactly like normal Incense, just with different timings and requirements to unlock it for the first time. But once you have it, it will automatically refresh every day and you can use it to get some rare encounters. 

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Along with being refreshed daily, Daily Adventure Incense comes with some additional features and rules. Here is everything you need to know as you try for some potentially Legendary encounters on your daily walk. 

All Daily Adventure Incense features, requirements, and more for Pokémon Go

To start, Daily Adventure Incense will last for 15 minutes rather than the usual hour duration, but the tradeoff is players who are active when their Daily Adventure Incense is in use will have a chance to encounter Pokémon who do not normally appear in the wild. 

This includes Incense-exclusive encounters with Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres, which are all making their Pokémon Go debut alongside this feature. 

To unlock the Daily Adventure Incense, you will need to finish a set of Special Research tied to the item, which players will automatically receive when the feature goes live in their region. Once you unlock it, it will refresh daily.

It is available once per day through the Item Bag and does not count towards players’ item limits since it is reusable. Daily Adventure Incense is activated and functions the same as regular Incense, being activated from your Item Bag and spawning a fog around your avatar in the overworld. 

Players who active the Incense while having fewer than or exactly 30 total Poké Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls will receive 30 Poké Balls instantly as a bonus. A special Daily Adventure Incense recap will also be displayed once the 15 minutes is up, showing you all of your captured Pokémon from that use.  

While Daily Adventure Incense is active, wild Pokémon will be attracted to your location so long as you are moving; it works just like normal Incense but with different timings and spawn rates. Players will be unable to stack Daily Adventure Incense with other Incense, but XP boosting items will work just fine.