Guzzlord likely coming to Pokémon Go, according to new loading screen

Just in time for spooky season.

Image via Niantic

It’s Sept. 1 and that means it’s spooky season—or at least it is according to Pokémon Go‘s new loading screen, which shows a familiar frightening silhouette that resembles Guzzlord.

Cosmog may be the focus of the Season of Light, but the silhouette in the loading screen that got everyone talking was that of Guzzlord. It’s an Ultra Beast that will most likely be featured in Ultra Beast Raids like all of the others, but there’s no official word yet from Pokémon Go about its arrival.

Screengrab via Niantic

The new loading screen is likely going to go into the Halloween season as Oct. 31 draws nearer. Many Pokémon associated with the spooky season are in the image, including Litwick, Duskill, Drifloon, and Trevenant, among others.

Guzzlord seems like a fitting addition to the spooky crew since its appearance is one of the least cute and cuddly out of all of the Pokémon included in the game so far. The Dark and Dragon-type Pokémon has been rumored to be coming to the game for the last few days on social media, and now it seems like the speculation is true.

Pokémon Go has a history of adding little hints to the loading screen to tease which Pokémon are coming to the game, like last year when Sylveon was silhouetted in one of the loading screens. That hint was far less obvious than the Guzzlord silhouette in this new loading screen.

Although it is likely that Guzzlord will be joining the cast of Pokémon Go characters, there has been no official announcement made yet by Niantic that it is being added.