Gigantamax Sandaconda Dynamax Crystal event coming to UK and Germany in July

This snake is slithering into the Watchtower Ruins for some European players.

Image via The Pokémon Company

A new Pokémon Sword and Shield event is right around the corner for European players, bringing the sand of the summer beaches into the Wild Area.

Starting July 18, players in Germany and the U.K. can receive Dynamax Crystal ☆Sgr7348 to encounter a Gigantamax Sandaconda in the Wild Area’s Watchtower Ruins, directly outside the entrance to Motostoke. German players can receive this code online via GameStop, while U.K. players will be able to get the code at participating GAME locations.

This Gigantamax Sandaconda doesn’t possess any special features. Instead, the event aims at providing new players the chance to catch the elusive form of this Pokémon prior to its limited run in Max Raid Battles. As with normal Gigantamax Sandaconda raids, defeating the Pokémon will reward the player with various Ground-type TRs, Pearls, and EXP Candies of different sizes.

This Dynamax Crystal event gives life to the previously barren tower in the Wild Area. For many players, the tower will never serve any purpose. Previous Dynamax Crystal events have been limited to pre-order bonuses and to various locations across Europe and Japan. They’ve often allowed players to encounter elusive Gigantamax Pokémon and version-exclusives not available in their respective games.

It’s unlikely that this event will be released outside of Europe since Gigantamax Sandaconda can always be found with a very low chance in Max Raid Battles. Players are also able to obtain a Gigantamax Sandaconda by feeding a non-Gigantamaxing Sandaconda the Max Soup item, which was first released in the Isle of Armor DLC pack.