Gift stickers are live in Pokémon Go

Personalize your presents.

Image via Niantic

Niantic pushed the new Gift sticker feature live in Pokémon Go today, which means players can now customize the Gifts they send to their friends. 

They serve no purpose beyond adding some flair to one of the game’s core mechanics, but that’s enough to get players to collect the variety of stickers that will be released moving forward. 

Every player will receive a set of stickers for free. Additional stickers will be made available when opening Gifts received from friends. It’s unclear if these stickers will replace any other items in the Gift pool, which would mean instead of a Poke Ball or Berries, you could receive Stickers. 

Though they’ll be available in Gifts, there will be Sticker Bundles and other similar items available in the shop in the near future. There might even be some shop-exclusive stickers, but at launch, there will only be five stickers available. 

To use a sticker, simply click the “Add Sticker” button that will become available once the feature is added to Pokémon Go. This will prompt you to pick one of your stickers to attach to that Gift. 

The sticker will appear on an attached card that will be sent along with each Gift. When you receive new stickers, they’ll pop up individually depending on which design you get.

At time of writing, there’s no information on when the other features like Raid Invites will be added to the game, even though it was announced at the same time. More information about new stickers and Raid Invites should be released in the near future. But for now, you can send pieces of your new sticker collection to your friends.