Galarian Meowth Mystery Gift available today for Pokémon Sword and Shield

This is the last Mystery Gift leading up to the Isle of Armor DLC.

Screengrab via Pokémon

The latest Mystery Gift in Pókemon Sword and Shield arrived today.

This week’s gift is a Galarian Meowth with the Hidden Ability Unnerve, as well as 50 Big Nuggets and 100 EXP Candy L. Trainers have until June 16 to claim it.

To get the Mystery Gift, open the game and press the “X” button to access your menu, choose the “Mystery Gift” option, and select “Receive via Internet.” There should be both gifts, the Pokémon, and the Nuggets with the EXP Candy L.

This promotion started on May 21 to advertise the Isle of Armor expansion, which will be launched next Wednesday, June 17. Players have been able to receive the Galaraian forms of Mr. Mime, Ponyta, Corsola, and Meowth, one per week.

These Pókemon go straight to your box, so you won’t need to visit a Pokémon Center.