Full Pokémon Go Fest 2022 Shiny list

All Shinies and how to get them!

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go Fest is back for another year, giving players worldwide the chance to catch new and exciting Pokémon being added to the game for the festivities. Last year, many new Pokémon made their appearance to great fanfare and this year promises to be no different.

New Pokémon like Shaymin aren’t the only thing on the horizon, though, with an abundance of Shiny Pokémon all appearing across the two-day weekend event on June 4 to 5. In fact, there are a total of 13 new Shiny Pokémon to find this year, which is three more than last year.

The chances of getting Shiny Pokémon are also boosted, similar to what you see at the monthly Community Day events, so if you are lucky, you might be able to snag a whole bunch by the end of the weekend.

Should you have bought a ticket and be on the lookout for these rare Shiny Pokémon, here are all the ones you can expect to see. Just be sure to use Incense for a chance at boosting your odds of finding rarer Pokémon like Axew.

Shiny Pokémon available for Go Fest 2022

New Shiny Pokémon 

  • Pikachu (Go Fest 2022 Gracidea)
  • Unown B
  • Shroomish
  • Numel
  • Karrablast
  • Axew
  • Shelmet

Boosted Incenses Shiny spawns

  • Unown G
  • Unown O
  • Unown U
  • Unown B

Habitat Shiny spawns

  • Plains
    • Girafarig
    • Dunsparce
    • Larvitar
    • Numel
    • Trapinch
    • Buizel
    • Patrat
    • Shelmet
    • Rufflet
    • Litleo
    • Axew
  • City
    • Magnemite
    • Alola Grimer
    • Hitmonchan
    • Baltoy
    • Burmy
    • Bronzor
    • Pidove
    • Trubbish
    • Weezing
    • Klink
  • Rainforest
    • Mudkip
    • Seedot
    • Shroomish
    • Slakoth
    • Turtwig
    • Chimchar
    • Karrablast
    • Binacle
  • Tundra
    • Omanyte
    • Swinub
    • Wingull
    • Meditite
    • Wailmer
    • Spheal
    • Piplup
    • Cubchoo
    • Galar Darumaka

Shiny raids

  • Pikachu (Go Fest 2022 Gracidea)
  • Axew
  • Kyogre
  • Groudon