Full list of Cram-o-matic recipes in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor expansion

Apricorn Poké Balls and so much more.

Screengrab via Nintendo

The Cram-o-matic is a machine shaped like a Cramorant that you can find very early on in your journey across the Isle of Armor, and while it looks a little janky, it does have a very unique use. 

If you have some spare items lying around in your bag that you don’t plan on using or selling, you can bundle four of them together, toss them into the Cram-o-matic, and get a new item for your troubles. 

This can range anywhere from tossing some Apricorns inside and getting some special Poké Balls, or combining rare material into even better items that are usually pretty hard to come by. Not all of the items available from the machine are useful, but the vast majority of them at least worth the effort to grab. 

It should be noted there are hundreds, if not thousands of recipes for the Cram-o-matic, but some of them are absurd and not worth completing, like a majority of the combinations to get a Wishing Piece. In those cases, you are better off just buying or finding the item through other means. 

Here is a complete list of every item you can make in the Cram-o-matic and the most optimal recipe to do so. 

For most of the items the recipes will only change one or two ingredients, so you can easily experiment to try and cut corners if you are missing a few items but really need one specific thing. This list will also be excluding Technical Records because each of the recipes take rare items to make and players would be better off saving up Watts to purchase them or grind Max Raid Battles. 

Cram-o-matic Recipes

Apricorn Poké Balls

While you can narrow down which Poké Balls you will get from using each type of Apricorn, the process is still randomized based on that small pool. For example, using only Black Apricorn could net you a Dusk Ball or Heavy Ball at an equal rate. 

Dominant Apricorn ColorPotential Poké Balls
BlackDusk Ball, Heavy Ball, Luxury Ball
BlueDive Ball, Lure Ball, Net Ball
GreenFriend Ball, Nest Ball, Safari Ball
PinkHeal Ball, Love Ball
RedLevel Ball, Repeat Ball
WhiteFast Ball, Timer Ball
YellowMoon Ball, Quick Ball
AnyPoke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Sport Ball

General Items

  • Rare Candy
    • Comet Shard x4
  • PP Up
    • Big Nugget x4
  • Big Mushroom
    • Tiny Mushroom x4
  • Big Pearl
    • Pear x4
  • Stardust
    • Roseli Berry x4
  • Star Piece
    • Stardust x4
  • Oval Stone
    • Wiki Berry and three Dynamax Candy
  • Bright Powder
    • Honey, Pearl String, Tiny Mushroom, and Water Stone
  • White Herb
    • Rindo Berry and three Exp. Candy XL
  • Macho Brace
    • Power Anklet and three Star Piece
  • King’s Rock
    • Eviolite and three Balm Mushroom
  • Silver Power
    • Bug Memory, Pecha Berry, and two Dynamax Candy (do not do this one)
  • Smoke Ball
    • Two Wishing Piece and two Water Stone
  • Everstone
    • Hard Stone x4
  • Scope Lens
    • Black Apricorn and three Wishing Piece
  • Metal Coat
    • Iron Ball x4
  • Dragon Scale
    • Dragon Fang x4
  • Light Ball
    • Thunder Stone and three Wishing Piece
  • Hard Stone
    • Star Piece and three Dynamax Candy
  • Magnet
    • Stardust, PP Max, and two Wacan Berry
  • Mystic Water
    • Pearl, Big Pearl, Pearl String, Comet Shard
  • Sharp Beak
    • Grepa Berry and three Dynamax Candy
  • Poison Barb
    • Toxic Orb and three Wishing Piece (do not do this one)
  • Never-Melt Ice
    • Pearl String x4
  • Spell Tag
    • Dusk Stone and three Wishing Piece (do not do this one)
  • Dragon Fang
    • Stardust and three Dynamax Candy
  • Up-Grade
    • Yellow Apricorn, Big Nugget, Big Mushroom, Star Piece
  • Shell Bell
    • Mystic Water x4
  • Sea Incense
    • Blue Apricorn and three Oran Berry
  • Metal Powder
    • Iron Ball, Chari Berry, Adrenaline Orb, Grepa Berry
  • Wide Lens
    • Colbur or Iapapa Berry and three Dynamax Candy
  • Muscle Band
    • Two Salac Berry and two Kelpsy Berry
  • Expert Belt
    • Macho Brace or Power Item and three Balm Mushroom
  • Light Clay
    • Thick Club x4
  • Life Orb
    • Dynamax Candy and three Wishing Piece
  • Toxic Orb
    • Kebia Berry and three Dynamax Candy
  • Flame Orb
    • Cheri or Figi Berry and three Stardust
  • Quick Powder
    • Wishing Piece, Comet Shard, Star Piece, Stardust
  • Destiny Knot
    • Pink Apricorn and three Wishing Piece
  • Black Sludge
    • Oran Berry x4
  • Icy Rock
    • Pomeg Berry x4
  • Grip Claw
    • Utility Umbrella x4 (do not do this one)
  • Odd Incense 
    • Mago Berry and three Figi Berry
  • Protector
    • Star Piece, Soft Sand, Power Herb, Big Pearl
  • Dubious Disc
    • Light Ball and three Wishing Piece
  • Razor Claw
    • Icy Rock, Pomeg Berry, PP Max, and Galarica Cuff (do not do this one)
  • Prism Scale
    • Two Big Pearl and Two Balm Mushroom
  • Eviolite
    • Star Piece and three Wishing Piece
  • Float Stone
    • Wiki Berry x4
  • Rocky Helmet
    • Everstone x4
  • Air Balloon
    • Mago Berry, Balm Mushroom, Big Mushroom, Rare Bone
  • Red Card
    • Red Apricorn or Fire Stone and three Wishing Piece
  • Absorb Bulb
    • Sticky Barb and three Balm Mushroom
  • Cell Battery
    • Fossilized Bird x4
  • Pretty Feather
    • Lum Berry and three Dynamax Candy
  • Balm Mushroom
    • Big Mushroom x4
  • Big Nugget
    • Nugget x4
  • Pearl String
    • Big Pearl x4
  • Comet Shard
    • Star Piece x4
  • Whipped Dream
    • Roseli Berry and three Balm Mushroom
  • Sachet 
    • Clover Sweet, Sitrus Berry, Exp. Candy XL, Liechi Berry
  • Assault Vest
    • Babiri Berry and three Wishing Piece
  • Ability Capsule
    • Rare Candy x4
  • Snoball
    • Aspear Berry x4
  • Bottle Cap
    • Two Big Nugget and two Comet Shard
  • Gold Bottle Cap
    • Bottle Cap x4
  • Adrenaline Orb
    • Mago Berry and three Dynamax Candy
  • Terrain Extender
    • Comet Shard and three Nugget
  • Electric Seed
    • Pecha Berry x4
  • Misty Seed
    • Kee Berry x4
  • Grassy Seed
    • Rindo Berry x4
  • Blunder Policy
    • Pretty Feather, Flower Sweet, Quick Claw, Rose Incense
  • Room Service
    • Strawberry Sweet, Honey, Max Repel, Wishing Piece
  • Utility Umbrella
    • Resist Feather and three Iron Ball
  • Wishing Piece
    • Salac Berry x4
  • Cracked Pot
    • Spell Tag, Destiny Knot, Wishing Piece, Lax Mint

There are still many other recipes not on this list, but this should get you most of what you need from the Cram-o-matic.