Everything we know about Pokémon TCG Fusion Strike!

Right now a lot is still a mystery.

Image via The Pokemon Company

November is set to bring with it a new set of Pokémon TCG, which will shake up the game for all players thanks to the introduction of a new game mechanic.

Fusion Strike! will be one of the final sets that Pokémon TCG players in the west receive in 2021 and alongside some fan-favorite Pokémon making a return, the most unique factor of the set is the new Fusion battle mechanic.

While its launch isn’t for quite a while, we have some information on what Fusion Strike! will bring and when players can get their hands on them first.

What we know about Fusion Strike!

Image via The Pokemon Company

Fusion Strike! will launch on November 12, with pre-releases reportedly taking place between Oct. 30 and Nov. 7.

The set will include cards from the recently announced OCG set Fusion Arts, which will hit stores in Japan during September. Reports claim it will also include cards that were cut from the Evolving Skies set to be released in August.

While it hasn’t been announced, it is highly likely that Fusion Strike! will feature Mew as its star similar to Fusion Arts as it appears to be the flagship species for the new Fusion battle style.

The official description of the new Fusion battle style states that Pokémon flaunting the stamp isn’t bound by a specific Battle Style. These cards instead take the strength of every Battle Style and fuse them into a new one. 

“This unstoppable Fusion Battle Style is all about synergy and focuses on strengthening your Pokemon while weakening your opponent’s Pokemon at the same time.“

As it stands, only a handful of cards have been revealed for Fusion Arts, which will likely be translate for the release of Fusion Strike!. These include V and VMAX versions of Mew, Hoopa, Genesect, Oricorio, Clamperl, Huntail, Gorebyss, Toxel, Tocxtricity, Dreepy, Drakloak, Dragapult, Meloetta, Smeargle, Elsa’s Sparkle, Chili, Cilian, & Cress trainer card, Power Tablet, and Fusion Energy.

Many of the products included within the new set have been revealed, which you can check out here. These include the standard things like booster boxes, Elite Trainer Boxes, Blister packs, and Build & Battle / Build & Battle Stadium.

Right now, this is everything we know about the upcoming set, but more information will come to light closer to its launch and this article will be updated accordingly.