Everything included in the free New Pokémon Snap August 2021 update

New ways to take cool pictures of some cool Pokémon.

Image via The Pokemon Company

An update for New Pokémon Snap is on the horizon, bringing tons of new content to the game for free. 

Dropping on Aug. 3, this will be the first update to the newest Pokémon Snap title since it launched in April. It will add three new areas, 20 new Pokémon, and more to the game. 

Two of the areas are major additions. The Mightywide River on Belusylva Island and Barren Badlands on Voluca Island will feature brand new ways to observe and capture pictures of old and new wild Pokémon. 

Mightywide River will have players riding the NEO-ONE down a powerful river, navigating the rapids in search of specific species in their natural habitats. Meanwhile, the Barren Badlands is an area with dry winds and a desert landscape that features geysers, poisonous swamps, and more. 

There is also a secret side path for the Florio Island Nature Park that will have players shrinking down inside of the NEO-ONE and exploring an area where all of the Pokémon appear giant. The main appeal of this will be seeing the Pokémon act in new ways from a unique perspective. 

All three of the new areas will feature day and night variants, so you can explore all three zones and find different Pokémon, observe their behaviors, and see the various elements the tracks have to offer. 

Any player who owns New Pokémon Snap on Nintendo Switch can connect their console to the internet and update the game to download all of the new content when it goes live on Aug. 3.