Dragons rule in Pokémon Battle Arena Rayquaza-GX vs. Ultra Necrozma-GX

Get ready for dragon type hype.

Rayquaza Pokemon joins Battle Arena Decks
Image via The Pokémon Company

After being featured in raids on Pokémon Go, Rayquaza-GX returns to the action in Pokémon TCG Battle Arena decks to face off against Ultra Necrozma-GX.

Dragon types are weak to Fairy but not to each other, making these Battle Arena preconstructed decks a powerful addition to the Pokémon TCG scene. 

Rayquaza-GX (Celestial Storm expansion) and Ultra Necrozma-GX (Forbidden Light expansion) are each a Legendary Pokémon-GX leading within two preconstructed Battle Arena decks. 

Pokémon Battle Arena Rayquaza-GX vs. Ultra Necrozma-GX
Image via The Pokémon Company

Containing 60 cards in each deck, the Battle Arena boxes are full of accessories and special cards designed to reward beginning and veteran players alike. 

  • A Rayquaza-GX and Ultra Necrozma-GX Legendary Pokémon-GX foil cards
  • A single Prism Star card
  • Six foil basic Energy cards
  • Tournament-level trainer cards that include Cynthia and Erika’s Hospitality
  • An all-new art Supporter card
  • One metallic coin
  • Playmat and rule sheet for two players
  • Damage counters

Pokémon-GX first appeared in the Sun & Moon expansion as a slightly more powered-up version of Pokémon-EX and Pokémon-ex, with a few minor differences in gameplay.

Each of the preconstructed decks is considered a part of Standard rotation, but are considered as slightly weaker than previous printed versions. These decks are great for beginners or players returning to Pokémon after an extended hiatus, though.

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The Rayquaza-GX vs. Ultra Necrozma-GX preconstructed Pokémon Battle Arena Decks are sold together as a box set and release on Oct. 4