Code released for a free Gold Bottle Cap in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Players will be able to get their favorite level 100 Pokémon ready for battle with this rare item.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Players of Pokémon Sword and Shield can get their hands on a rare item for free as a celebration of the start of the Players Cup IV tournament that spans the Pokémon VGC, TCG, and Pokkén Tournament.

For a limited time all trainers continuing their exploration of the Galar region can use the code PLAYERSCH01CEPC to receive a free Gold Bottle Cap. This code is only redeemable until July 18 and marks the continued free giveaways associated with the Players Cup tournaments.

Gold Bottle Caps enable players to Hyper Train all of a level 100 Pokémon’s Individual Values (IVs) to max simultaneously. Though this process is exclusive to these Pokémon at their highest possible level, Hyper Training allows Pokémon to regain strength in stats that may have been dwindling. 

Hyper Training is accessible via the man in the right corner of the Battle Tower in Wyndon after completing the main story, and may be done individually with normal Bottle Caps or all at once with Gold Bottle Caps. Both types of Bottle Caps are obtainable through Max Raid Battles and other quests throughout the game, but are incredibly rare due to how beneficial they are for preparing some Pokémon for competition against other players.

To redeem this code, players must access the Mystery Gift icon via the main menu in-game, then select the option to receive a gift via a code. Once they enter the code, the Gold Bottle Cap will be immediately placed into the player’s inventory for use at any time.

This free Gold Bottle Cap commemorating the start of the Players Cup IV will only be redeemable until July 18, so make sure not to miss receiving this rare item at no cost.