Blissey’s moveset for Pokémon UNITE seemingly leaked

The Johto region's first potential representative in UNITE looks to be a Supporter with great utility.

Screengrab via The Pokemon Company

Blissey, the Happiness Pokémon, was recently revealed to be in the data for Pokémon UNITE, making it seem like the Johto region could be set to get a representative in the franchise’s first take on a MOBA. Supposed leaks from today detail a little bit more about what Blissey may bring to the table, looking to add another healer to the roster other than just Eldegoss.

Blissey could be joining UNITE’s roster as a new Supporter aimed at keeping her allies healthy with efficient healing, according to pictures as a part of a supposed leak from @PokemonuniteL on Twitter. The moves in the pictures seem to depict Blissey using Pound, which would likely be one of the Pokémon’s starting moves, as well as Egg Bomb, Refresh, Softboiled, and Heal Pulse.

All of these potential moves fit well with Blissey’s role in the main series titles. Blissey, as well as its pre-evolution Chansey, uses its egg to provide nutrients to its friends—while occasionally using it to dish out damage to opponents. Its base form, Happiny, doesn’t have access to this egg, instead using an Oval Stone to replicate what it will eventually have access to. But Happiny likely won’t be a part of the evolution line in UNITE.

Notably, Blissey has one of the highest HP stats out of any known Pokémon, but simultaneously one of the lowest defense stats. It’s unclear if these factors would come into play if Blissey joins UNITE, though since other Pokémon in the title bear similar stat lines to their main series counterparts, it’s possible that this will be the case.

It’s unknown when Blissey could debut in Pokémon UNITE, though data mines suggest that the Happiness Pokémon may join the roster of familiar faces in the near future. The leaks and images depicting Blissey’s moves are unconfirmed and the Pokémon’s addition to the game hasn’t been officially announced yet.