Alolan Raichu, Eevee highlight September Research Breakthrough and Spotlight Hours in Pokémon Go

There is also a new Go Battle Night coming, too.

Image via Niantic

September is just around the corner, and with it comes new monthly content for Pokémon Go, such as a new set of Spotlight Hours and fresh Research Breakthrough tasks. 

Starting on Sept. 1, players will be able to encounter Alolan Raichu by completing seven days of research tasks each week to earn a Research Stamp every day. A seven-day streak will guarantee you an encounter with the surfing mouse. 

Alolan Raichu is an Electric/Psychic-type variation of its original Kantonian form, which is only a mono-Electric-type. During this Research Breakthrough, you can also encounter Shiny Alolan Raichu if you are lucky. 

As for this month’s Spotlight Hours, they will run at the usual 6pm local time every Tuesday. But unlike previous variations, Niantic is giving players five Spotlight Hours instead of limiting it to four despite September having four Tuesdays on the calendar. 

Here are all of those Spotlight Hour dates. 

  • Sept. 1: Eevee and double capture XP
  • Sept. 8: Houndour and double capture Candy
  • Sept. 15: Tentacool and double transfer Candy
  • Sept. 22: Spearow and double evolution XP
  • Sept. 29: Skitty and double capture Stardust

You can also look forward to a new Go Battle Night on Sept. 24, where players will receive double Stardust for winning battles, completing sets, and ranking up in the Battle League. That will run from 6 to 11:59pm local time and each player will also be able to complete 20 sets of Battle League battles (up to 100 battles in total.)