All shiny Pokémon available during Pokémon Go’s Fashion Week 2021 event

There are some new sharp dressed Pokémon.

Image via Niantic

Fashion Week is returning to Pokémon Go later this month, adding many stylishly dressed Pokémon to the wild and raids.

From Tuesday, Sept. 21, at 10am to Tuesday, Sept. 28, at 8pm local time, trainers will have a chance to catch new Pokémon with alternative forms or go for costumed Pokémon that appeared during last year’s Fashion Week event. And if they’re lucky, they might even find them in their shiny forms.

Like a new addition to the game, you may encounter shiny Blitzle without a costume after Fashion Week has ended. You won’t see Blitzle in the wild very often, though. 

If you plan on going on a shiny hunt, here are all of the Costumed Pokémon that can appear with their alternate color scheme during the 2021 Fashion Week event. 

Increased spawn shiny Pokémon 

  • Costumed Butterfree
  • Costumed Kirlia 
  • Costumed Blitzle 
  • Costumed Croagunk 

Raid boss shiny Pokémon 

One-star raid

  • Costumed Sneasel
  • Costumed Shinx 

Three-star raid

  • Costumed Butterfree 
  • Costumed Kirlia 

Seven-kilometer egg shiny Pokémon

  • Costumed Smoochum 
  • Costumed Shinx