All regular cards from Pokémon OCG ‘Lost Abyss’ revealed

The set will arrive in Japan on July 15.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon fans now have our best look yet at Lost Abyss as The Pokémon Company has revealed all 100 cards that make up the upcoming OCG set.

Thanks to PokeBeach, we can check out all of these new additions to the game, which include both previously revealed VSTAR cards, and a VMAX addition.

Of the regular cards in this set VSTARs include Giratina, Aerodactyl, and Drapion. Lost Abyss also includes Kyurem VMAX which was previously revealed.

Other Pokémon featured in Lost Abyss include Delphox, Rotom, Pigeot, Porygon, and many more.

There are still plenty of secret rare cards from the set to be revealed, however, they aren’t expected to arrive until next week prior to Lost Abyss launching.

Lost Abyss will see the return of the Lost Zone game mechanic after it was retired from play in 2018. This new addition is a discard pile tied to specific Pokémon attacks and abilities which limits the cards within from being retrieved.

For those in the West eager to get their hands on these new cards the wait will be a little longer. Many of the cards from Lost Abyss will make their way into our Lost Origin set launching in September. Most of the Secret Rares showcased next week will also be included in the upcoming set.

Lost Abyss will go on sale in Japan next Friday, July 15.

Those in the West looking to score the Pokemon cards will likely need to resort to online sellers for the time being. Check out the full Lost Abyss card list here.