All Pokémon UNITE teams qualified for the 2022 Pokémon World Championships

Know every team that will attend the first Pokémon UNITE world competition.

Image via The Pokémon Company

The team list for the $500,000 Pokémon UNITE global tournament that will take place at the 2022 Pokémon World Championships was finalized on June 19 following the end of the regional qualifiers.

The first Pokémon UNITE world event will run from Aug. 19 to 21 at the ExCeL London center and will feature 16 teams hailing from all around the world. Europe, North America, Korea, Japan, and Asia Pacific will have two representatives each, while regions such as India, Oceania, South America West, South America East, Central America, and Mexico were handed just one slot at the most prestigious UNITE tournament ever.

The Pokémon Company is yet to reveal the format for the event and its broadcast talent, but such details should be announced in the weeks to come. Not only this $500,000 event will be the first official tournament with players from all around the world, but it will also help decide which region has a better understanding of the game. UNITE was released in July 2021 and is a 10-minute MOBA game based on Pokémon.

All 16 Pokémon UNITE teams that will play at the 2022 Pokémon World Championships


  • Apprentice Unleashed: Zervas, Chelvin, Xante, GekkOkami, KlausVIII
  • Nouns Esports: Bruv, Redmaw, GyZ, Ghatlue, ADEsu23

North America

  • BLVKHVND: Slashcan, Overlord98, junglebook1, Kyriaos, Velo
  • IX Gaming: Retsu, Rhinne, Itsnudo, OG, Pikadiff


  • Secret Ship: Kyu, Yado, Akutagawa Rize, Piui, Yakou
  • TGP ver 2.0: Takishima, Haruta, Mame, Ruin, Supercell


  • Eternity: Louis, Helo, Park Jam-jun, Divel, Sejun
  • No Show: S4L, 1st Blossom, Wollon, Anpan!, Uchiha Sangtachi


  • No Lucario: Ice, Kst, raithe, dev, Solo
  • Renaissance: Kamiru, Yang, NT, Rebongs, Mevius

South America East

  • Xis: BabyMazo, Souto, FalbziN, GuizinN, LeL

South America West

  • QLASH: Shank, YanG, Tempo, Pipol, MNPAO

Central America

  • STMN CA: Solsticee, Zephi, Steven, Suun, Kira


  • Mamitas Club: ELPREMIUMPR0, Donlux, Daniel do ob, JonaM96, Sherlock


  • IClen: Sh3pathome, Currypuffs, UntamedTheG, Friffnz, Pengu


  • Revenant Esports: OMEN, Crowley, XesoL, Badshahh, Novaa