All Pokémon appearing in raids during Hisuian Discoveries event in Pokémon Go

Some Pokémon can only be found in the raids during the event.

Image via Niantic

The Hisuian Discoveries event gives players a chance to catch some of the new Hisuian form Pokémon that will be added into Pokémon Go, and players are also getting a shot at one of them specifically during the Raid Day.

The Raid Day, which takes place on July 31 from 11am local time to 2pm local time will feature a few different Pokémon, and it will also include Braviary. The Pokémon, which evolves from Rufflet, was unlocked by the participants of Go Fest Seattle 2022. Now the Hisuian version of the bird will be available in raids on that day.

Players will also get increased Rare Candy XL drops, more XP from Raids, and five free Raid Passes for the day. Braviary also has an increased chance of encountering a Shiny version during Raid Day. Braviary only appears in Raids on Raid Day, so players should prioritize it over other Raids that will be active for the entirety of the event to make the best of Raid Day.

The Hisuian Discoveries event takes place over a longer time period. From July 27 to Aug. 2, players will see different Pokémon appearing in Raids. Those Pokémon will appear throughout the entirety of the event, including the July 31 Raid Day.

Below are all of the Pokémon fans can expect to encounter in Raids during the event. Pokémon with an asterisk have a chance to appear Shiny.

Pokémon in Discoveries event raids

  • Unown S*
  • Sneasel
  • Roselia*
  • Shinx*
  • Panpour*
  • Chansey*
  • Togetic*
  • Kirilia
  • Whiscash
  • Braviary* (Only on July 31 from 11am to 2pm local time)