All Holowear and Premium Holowear in Pokémon Unite

Gotta customize 'em all.

Screengrab via Pokemon

Pokémon Unite is getting close to its full release in July. The Nintendo Switch will be the game’s first stop and a mobile release is also expected around September.

The game has been in beta since March and it looks like the gameplay won’t be the only refined aspect of Unite during its release. The in-game shop will be the first stop for trainers who are looking to customize their experience.

Players will also be able to enjoy each season with an in-game battle pass that’s filled with Holowear. Holowears are essentially costumes or skins that you can equip on the playable Pokémon.

While you’ll be able to purchase premium and normal Holowear from the in-game shop, you can also get them by leveling up your battle pass or completing quests.

Holowears are special because they contain different effects when you equip them. These don’t affect the gameplay in any way, however, and the changes are only visual like animations or particle effects.

The number of available Holowear in Unite is likely to increase as the developers roll out more content patches and introduce more Pokémon to the game.

Here’s all the premium and normal Holowear in Unite.

All Holowear Pokémon Unite

Holowear only activates when the selected Pokémon reaches its final evolution form. The effects will be based on the theme of the Holowear and will vary from Pokémon to Pokémon.

All Premium Holowear Pokémon Unite

Compared to regular Holowear, Premium Holowear doesn’t require Pokémon to reach their final evolution form. Premium Holowear includes special animations that activate whenever a Pokémon is picked or when you complete in-game objectives.

You can take a detailed look at all the cosmetics through Unite‘s in-game store. Over time, more cosmetics are likely to become available through the shop and battle pass.